Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Desires of Your Heart

           It's amazing what God can do to change someone's attitude and outlook or make them realize the many blessings they have. I will admit I have been struggling lately with where I am in life and what I spend my time doing. My living situation, weekly schedule, personal and spiritual life have all been causing me to wrestle with desires vs. reality and have resulted in me acting happy and content but really being stressed, anxious and uncomfortable.
Wide open spaces with room to roam!
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          Except for my four years in college, I've always lived in the country, and more times than not with livestock around. My most recent dwelling before moving to Columbia sits in the middle of pastures and crop fields, with cattle all around and the nearest town 10 minutes away. Horses are in the backyard, the dog and cat run free, coyotes can be heard on a regular basis in the evening and the gravel dust fills the air anytime a pickup rolls by. It's true heaven on earth, no matter how boring it may seem at times. However, right now I'm living with friends in town until I find a place more suitable and affordable. Granted, I'm not right in the city, but on the outskirts - and thankfully, I live with people I know. There is a big yard and room for my dog, I'm close to work, and there's no way I could find a place with cheaper rent!! But my country boy soul is getting restless and needing to be on the gravel again - walking my dog down the road and riding my horse on the back 40.
Early morning fall sunrises are the
ultimate display of God's beautiful creation!
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          While waiting for my country ranch to show itself, I have had to make due with activities inside the city limits - which isn't much. In fact, most of my evenings are spent playing with my dog, cooking dinner and catching up on the computer. I miss the days when all my daylight hours were spent outside with the livestock.

          I have found myself becoming lax in my spiritual walk, and have fought being unhappy about what I don't have. But I say this all to show how fast God can turn our attitude around.

          Last night, I finally sat down and read my Bible before going to bed - something I honestly haven't done in months. Although I never was able to really fall asleep and get a good night's rest, I managed to wake up at a good time this morning and play with my dog briefly before going to work. As I stepped outside, I had to pull on a hoodie to face the unusually chilly air. I knew right then it was going to be a good day. Cold weather always makes me smile and feel energetic. The crisp fall air and wet grass welcomed this new day and as I felt the warmth of the sun on my way to work, I had to thank God for His gift of peace and joy that He provides. He even knew it would make me smile and excited to hear the first goose of the year honking (the only sound that gets me fired up more is a turkey gobble!!)

          In many ways, today has been the greatest day I've experienced in weeks. The weather has given me energy and happiness that has been missing, my work day has gone quite well even though I spent most of the morning tired, and I feel truly thankful for the many blessings God has given me. I realize how unhappy I've been and know that God will grant the desires of my heart in His perfect timing, but first I must be satisfied in Him.
If you're going through a tough time and are unhappy right now. Do these three things to make your day better:
1) Tell yourself it will be a good day and be thankful for what the Lord HAS given you!
2) Notice the small things, like the color of the green grass, the squirrel chewing on an acorn, or the beautiful blue sky and ponder on the creation around you
3) Devote your day to thanking the Lord and being mindful of His love, mercy and grace.

Do these three things and I guarantee your day will have a brighter outlook!!

Phillipians 4:6 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, WITH THANKSGIVING, present your requests to God."

Trust in the Lord, thank Him for what he HAS done, and He will bless you with happiness, both worldly and heavenly! :)

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Until next time, you can find me off the beaten path and ridin' for the brand!!!

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  1. It is not always easy to be happy with where you are at in life, even if you are fairly certain it is where God wants you at this time. Some of us out here struggle with living in "Heaven" in the country with the horses out the front door and such, and wonder if we are doing enough to be in God's will.

    Blessings in the New Year!