Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Choice of 2012


One week from today the future of America will once again be changed. One week from today our nation will respond and give authority to someone to govern over us. On November 6th, the democratic society of the United States of America will once again dictate who we want to lead our country, command our armed forces and set policies for our economy.

I don't think it would be a far fetched statement to say every American citizen is concerned and anxious to see who will take up residency of the oval office. There are followers to both sides and both parties have respectable ideas and policies in place. Both candidates understand what is important to this nation, what issues need to be addressed and both have what they believe to be concrete fundamentals that will turn the tables for the next four years and following. And yet, as confident and committed and assuring as both candidates appear, they both humans that hold flaws and exemplify weakness.

Which candidate do you think will truly benefit America?
When I look at the candidates, I see some very vast differences that strike me as interesting. Both individuals are focused on the same task and issues, but both have quite different approaches. I believe Obama is extremely out of touch with middle-class America, Midwestern policy and the true condition of this nation. While Romney obviously can't be classified as a middle-class individual, in my opinion he at least understands what it will take to place the country back in balance, bring relief to the middle-class economically and strive towards positive "change".
It's definitely a little unnerving not knowing what will take place and how it will change the course of this nation's future, but it's reassuring to know no matter what we do or think, there is someone else in charge of this whole game!

What are your thoughts on the election? Do you see major differences in the candidates? Are you ready to move to Mexico if one of them doesn't win?!! :)

I Love Mexico!!!!!!!!

Until next time, you can find me off the beaten path and ridin' for the brand!!!

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