Monday, December 17, 2012

Take a Stand - Ride for the Brand!

At the end of my blog, you'll find this line "Until next time, you can find me off the beaten path and ridin for the brand!!!"

You might think it sounds catchy and country, and probably remember hearing the phrase "ridin for the brand" in some commercial or marketing campaign. But have you ever heard the real meaning and connotation behind those four words?
A brand signifies who you are and what you stand for.

Beef Magazine
recently tweeted an editorial written by Troy Marshall on the importance of brand management. Marshall does a wonderful job giving credence to the historic significance of this saying and ties it to every aspect of a cattleman's life. "It's a creed that embodies a lot of values we hold dear. There are fewer compliments that are more meaningful than being able to say someone rode for the brand," Marshall writes.

He continues saying this phrase makes most people think of standing up for something they believe in, are proud of and honored to represent. "It's about living up to your own values and code; it's about exercising your potential," Marshall writes, "When you put your brand on something, it's a declaration to the world of not only pride in what you produce, but an announcement that you take ownership and responsibility for it."

Of course, Marshall's editorial is written to the direction of managing a ranch brand that advertises the cattle produced and the people in charge. But brands are more than a symbol burned onto the hip of a steer, or hung above the driveway entrance or affixed to the side of a stock trailer. A brand can be anything that represents who you are and what you believe in. It's something you stand behind, represent and are proud of. Ridin for the brand encompasses living for a purpose. It's enacting what you believe is honorable, right, just and true. It's living every day unashamed and ready to give your all for the cause.

Are you ridin for the brand or do you just go with whatever feels right at the time? Do you take a stand for what you believe in or mix with the crowds to see what ends up happening? Do you live your life with purpose or are you easily swayed to believe what other people say?
Live with purpose and ride for the brand!

Be bold, take a stand, live with purpose and above all - Ride for the Brand.

Until next time, you can find me off the beaten path and ridin for the brand!!!

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